Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

Albright Thanksgiving Dinner – Now A Zero Waste Event

PRC-Zero-wasteWe are excited to announce that we will be working with the Pennsylvania Resource Council (PRC) to make the 2015 Albright Thanksgiving Dinner a Zero-Waste event. We will be recycling and composting almost all of the waste produced from both the cooking and the Thanksgiving Eve dinner. (We were not able to get compostable utensils for this years dinner).

Friends of Albright is committed to sustainability and we are happy to have the support of the PRC and many volunteers to make this possible.

What is Zero Waste? From the PRC website:

Zero Waste is a philosophy that aims to turn the “waste” from every process into resources for another process. In other words, outputs (waste) become inputs (resources) and nothing is wasted. This requires the designing and managing of products and processes to minimize and ultimately eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, this allows for the conservation and recovery all resources. Zero Waste represents an economic alternative to current waste systems, where new resources are continually required to replenish wasted raw materials.

Photo credit: PA Resources Council

If you are coming to attend the dinner or volunteer we will have detailed instructions on how to sort any waste so that it can be recycled or composted properly.

Learn more about the PA Resource Council and Zero Waste events here.