Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

2022 Albright Thanksgiving Dinner Recap (plus where to volunteer throughout the year)

This year’s dinner was one of the biggest meals in recent memory. We served over 250 meals in the social hall and prepared another 60 to be delivered to the North Shore. We pretty much only had a few pies and some yams left at the end of the evening. 

A huge thank you to photographer Larry Rippel for stopping by and capturing some photos of the dinner.

Photo credit: Larry Rippel

Volunteer Here: First Food and Friends

Many of you have reached out to ask where you can volunteer on a regular basis. Every Saturday, First United Methodist Church serves up a free meal through their First Food and Friends program

The director of First Food and Friends is Monique McCain and she is always looking for volunteers. You can reach her at 412-676-8925. Follow the First Food and Friends Facebook page for updates. 

Thanks To You!

Thank you to all of our supporters who donated – we had over 55 individuals contribute to our GoFundMe page this year! We were able to hire Community Kitchen Pittsburgh to help us prepare some of the meal. 

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with cooking, setup and cleanup. This meal is truly a community effort.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen is a nonprofit organization located in Hazelwood that offers no-cost job training in culinary industries. Community Kitchen offers catering and prepares many of the grab & go items you might pick up in coffee shops around the city.
If you are looking for a new lunch spot – check out Community Kitchen’s Bloom Cafe in Hazelwood!

Friends of Albright Updates · Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

2022 Thanksgiving Eve Dinner Success!

A quick late night post to share a few photos from the dinner today and say thank you to every volunteer and donor who helped to make the 2022 Thanksgiving Eve dinner a success. We are incredibly grateful for all of the support. 

We had a great day of preparing and serving food for the community and wanted to share a few highlights and photos from the day. 

We think this was one of our biggest meals yet! We served over 200 meals this evening, plus many folks were able to take home a meal for tomorrow. Plus, we had just enough leftovers to supply 100 meals to two other Pittsburgh nonprofits to distribute. 

For the past two years, we handed out takeout meals outside and it was wonderful to return to the kitchen and see so many familiar volunteers and guests.

A huge thank you to the 50+ volunteers who stopped by to help cook, serve and clean up after the meal.

We were so busy this evening, I didn’t have a chance to share as many photos as in the past. A huge thank you to photographer Larry Rippel who stopped by to capture a few photos of this year’s meal.

Friends of Albright Updates · News

Speak Out to Save Albright – Virtual Community Meeting on Wed., June 30 @ 6 pm

Dear Albright Supporters, 

With all that has gone on during the past year, let’s first say hello and wish that everyone and their families are doing well.

Many of you have inquired about the situation with Albright, and even more of you have asked how you can help. Those offers have meant a lot, and are ever so timely now…

The Bloomfield Development Corporation is the Community Development Corporation (CDC) that helps guide the Bloomfield neighborhood in which our beloved and historic Albright sits. In their capacity as CDC, they have received an early stage development proposal for the Albright Church building which includes its near total demolition.

As we have said consistently, we ARE NOT against development. WE SUPPORT preservation of the historic Albright church building and WE SUPPORT a re-use of the building that connects and involves the community.  We remain steadfast in our belief that a plan can be created that achieves these points.

June 30 – Virtual Community Meeting 

The Bloomfield Development Corporation is hosting a virtual community meeting about the proposed plan for the Albright site on Wednesday, June 30 at 6 pm. 

Today, we ask you to attend the June 30th community meeting to voice your support for a plan that puts the preservation of Albright at its center.

Your support over the years has been essential in spreading our message that the Albright church should be preserved and repurposed. We now ask for your help in spreading this message in this important community forum.

Please let us know of any questions you have about the community meeting. 

Thank you for all of your support,

Friends of Albright 

Community Meeting Details

(note this is a virtual meeting that will be accessible via Zoom & Facebook live)

  • Wednesday, June 30, 2021
  • 6 pm
  • RSVP here: You can also RSVP for the meeting by emailing Sam Spearing at or calling 412.681.8800.
Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

Thank You for Making the 45th Annual Albright Thanksgiving Eve Dinner a Success!

The 2019 Albright Thanksgiving Eve dinner was a huge gathering! We had over 100 volunteers who helped with cooking and clean up. This year we served over 250 meals on-site.  Thank you for making the holiday extra special!

This is a 100% volunteer-run event…and thanks to all throughout our greater Pittsburgh community for prepping and cooking the food, serving the hot meals, setting up tables, and helping to clean up. And we’re incredibly grateful all who donated funds to support the dinner.

And very special thanks to:

  • Rev. Tracy Cox and Rev. Jeff Miller of First United Methodist Church -Thank you for your incredible support, the use of your facility and all of your wonderful volunteers.
  • East End Cooperative Ministry – Thank you for your time and the use of your space.
Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

2019 Albright Dinner Volunteer Info & FAQ

If you are planning to volunteer to help with the 2019 Albright Thanksgiving Eve Dinner, here is some information for volunteers.

We can always use help, if you need to come at a different time or want to bring a friend to help, we will put you to work! 

The Menu:

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Yams
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Gravy

We will also be serving rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Where to go: 

The dinner will be prepared and served from the kitchen and social hall of the First United Methodist Church located at the corner of Centre Avenue and Aiken Avenue. The address is 5401 Centre Avenue. (This is the church on the other side of the Wendy’s drive-through from Albright)

Entrance: use the entrance on Centre Ave above the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library

Parking: there is a limited number of spots in the small lot on Centre. There is also street parking on Centre Ave

When you arrive:

Please head to the volunteer check-in table.

  • Sign a waiver
  • Get a name tag
  • Wash your hands! (There will be lots of hand washing)
  • We will have a place for coats, but we recommend leaving your purses and valuables in your car.

Volunteer Tasks:

In the kitchen: food prep, cooking, dishwashing

Outside of the kitchen: room setup, setting the table, serving guests beverages and dessert, dishwashing

All volunteers who are working in the kitchen MUST wear a hairnet, which we will have available. (A hat is also permissible).

Schedule for the day:

This is an approximate schedule of activities for the day


  • Kitchen: Food prep
  • Dining room: clean and set up tables

11am – 3pm

  • Kitchen: Food prep & Cooking
  • Dining room: set tables

3pm – 5pm

  • Final food prep – preparing food for the buffet
  • Guests start to arrive and line up in hallway
  • Dishwashing – get started on cleaning up the cooking supplies


  • Set up buffet
  • Final table setting
  • Set up the dessert table

5:30pm – 7pm

  • Dinner is served!
  • Volunteers will refill beverages, serve dessert, clear dishes

7pm – done

  • Wash dishes
  • Put away tables & chairs
  • Take out the trash & recycling

Volunteer FAQ:

Q: I need to change the time I signed up to help?
A: Just come over when you are available! There is always something to help with. We will have volunteer tasks all day.

Q: Who attends the dinner?
A: Everyone! All are welcome to attend. Feel free to extend an invitation to other groups you know of.

Q: Is there enough food for volunteers to have dinner as well?
A: Some years, there is more than enough food for volunteers to have dinner as well. If there is enough food, we encourage volunteers to take a break and sit and eat dinner with the guests.

Q: What happens to extra food?
A: We have already reached out to area nonprofits If there is extra food, we have a plan to donate any leftovers.

Q: Can I bring my children to volunteer?
A: Families are welcome to volunteer. If you are bringing a child, plan to stay with them and help them with their volunteer task. (For example, parents and kids often hand out pie together)

Q: Can I share photos on social media!
A: Yes, please! You can tag @AlbrightPGH on Twitter & Instagram and Friends of Albright on Facebook.


Events · Friends of Albright Updates

Join us on Friday, June 7 to learn more about the past present and future of the church building

Join us on Friday, June 7 to learn more about the past present and future of the church building.

Friends of Albright will be presenting this Friday at the East Liberty Valley Historic Society Lecture series.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Albright United Methodist Church:

A Historical Past, Present, and Future


Members of Friends of Albright, a group formed to save the Bloomfield church from demolition, will present an illustrated talk about the history of the congregation and its distinctive 1906 Richardsonian Romanesque stone building, the campaign to protect it through historic designation, and what the future may hold. The church, designed by Pittsburgh architect Chancey W. Hodgdon and now closed, is located at 486 S. Graham St. It is owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, which intends to sell it to a developer with plans to demolish.

Facebook event

Friends of Albright Updates

We’ve Moved Another Step Forward in the Fight to Save Albright!



We wanted to post a quick followup to the Zoning Board hearing that was held on January 8, 2019.

Judge James recently issued his ruling in the developer’s appeal of the City Zoning Board of Adjustment’s (“ZBA”) decision denying his request for a special exception to put in a drive-through.  Judge James upheld the ZBA’s denial. Thank you for your support!

Ross Development Company is the developer seeking to redevelop the Albright Church property.  On August 20, 2015, it appeared before the ZBA to request permission to include a drive-through pattern on the property for their proposed development. On October 30, 2015, the ZBA denied Ross’s requests. Ross appealed the ZBA’s decision, and on January 8, 2019, Judge James heard oral arguments on Ross’s appeal.

Citing in part concerns raised by the community about placing a drive-through at the location, Judge James’s upheld the ZBA’s ruling to deny Ross’s request for one.

We received many letters of support and a dozen community members came in person to the January 8, 2019 hearing.  Your voices and support for the building were heard!

An extra thank you to Attorney David Toal for his work on this matter and the generous donors who have helped us continue the fight.

Thank you for standing with us!


Friends of Albright

Friends of Albright Updates

Urgent – Please attend the hearing in support of Albright on Jan. 8

UPDATE: Hearing is has been moved to 9:30 am. 



On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, there will be a hearing on the Zoning Appeal regarding the Albright Church building.

Ross Development Company is the developer who is seeking to redevelop the Albright Church property. Ross went before Pittsburgh’s Zoning Board to request approval to make changes to the property site, specifically, to be permitted to include a drive-through pattern. The Zoning Board denied Ross’s requests. Ross appealed the Zoning Board’s decision.

This hearing is the oral argument on Ross’s appeal, where lawyers representing Ross and lawyers representing members of the community that objected to Ross’s zoning requests will assert their positions in the case.

Supporters are asked to attend the hearing to demonstrate to Judge James the community’s strong support for the preservation of the Albright Church building and opposition to its demolition and replacement with a drive-through restaurant and retail space.

Hearing on the Zoning Appeal
regarding the Albright Church building

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
10 am  Please note the updated hearing time of 9:30 am 
Courtroom 707 (Judge James), City-County Building,
414 Grant St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

Details available on Facebook here.

Send a letter of support

If you cannot attend the hearing but would like to send a letter of support. Please address the letter to “City of Pittsburgh” and email your letter to We will print all of the letters and have the attorney bring to court.

Please note that this hearing is specific to zoning issues.

Support our legal effort!

If you would like to make a contribution to support the legal costs incurred. Please make a donation to Friends of Albright through our fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising. Donations can be made online here.

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

Thank You for Making the 2018 Albright Thanksgiving Eve Dinner One of Our Largest!

The 2018 Albright Thanksgiving Eve dinner was a huge success! We had over 100 volunteers who helped with cooking and clean up. This year we served over 250 meals on-site and an additional 100 meals were sent to a local shelter for distribution!

The 2018 Thanksgiving Dinner was featured in a video on the Post-Gazette website!

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 5.32.39 PM

More photos from the evening…

Thank You!

This is a 100% volunteer-run event…and thanks to all, throughout our greater Pittsburgh community for prepping and cooking the food, serving the hot meals, setting up tables, and clean up.

A special thanks to:

All of the Volunteers & Donors!

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thank you for your financial sponsorship of the dinner.

First United Methodist Church

Thank you for the use of your facility and all of your wonderful volunteers.

East End Cooperative Ministry

Thank you for your time and the use of your facility.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Thank you for distributing additional meals from the dinner to Pittsburgh neighbors.

New Sun Rising

For your continued support of Friends of Albright and this annual event.



Status of the Albright Church Building

November 2018

Friends of Albright continues to lead efforts to preserve and repurpose the Albright United Methodist Church building as a center that will serve the larger Pittsburgh community. We are continuing to collaborate with several Pittsburgh organization on advocacy, fundraising and measures both inside and outside of the courts to ensure that the Albright church building endures. More updates to come.

Thank you for standing with us.