Church Services

Sunday, October 11 – Albright Service at EECM Community House


Starting October 11 – church services will be held at East End Cooperative Ministries Community House located across the street from Home Depot. Please use the Station Street Entrance A.

Since July 5, Albright has continued to hold a weekly Sunday Service outdoors. Thankfully, the past 15 Sundays have been without rain. Given the arrival of cooler temperatures, Albright will hold Sunday morning worship services at EECM community house. While the congregation is eager to get back to worshiping in their own sanctuary, everyone is excited to be able to use the space at EECM and hopefully continue to engage all of the supporters of Albright in supporting the excellent work that EECM does in the local neighborhood and all over the county. Plans are in the works for Friends of Albright volunteer days at EECM – stay tuned for more details!

Albright Sunday Service
Sunday, October 11, 2015
Rev. Nichelle Nelson will preach
EECM Community House, please use the Station Street Entrance A.
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