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We’ve Moved Another Step Forward in the Fight to Save Albright!



We wanted to post a quick followup to the Zoning Board hearing that was held on January 8, 2019.

Judge James recently issued his ruling in the developer’s appeal of the City Zoning Board of Adjustment’s (“ZBA”) decision denying his request for a special exception to put in a drive-through.  Judge James upheld the ZBA’s denial. Thank you for your support!

Ross Development Company is the developer seeking to redevelop the Albright Church property.  On August 20, 2015, it appeared before the ZBA to request permission to include a drive-through pattern on the property for their proposed development. On October 30, 2015, the ZBA denied Ross’s requests. Ross appealed the ZBA’s decision, and on January 8, 2019, Judge James heard oral arguments on Ross’s appeal.

Citing in part concerns raised by the community about placing a drive-through at the location, Judge James’s upheld the ZBA’s ruling to deny Ross’s request for one.

We received many letters of support and a dozen community members came in person to the January 8, 2019 hearing.  Your voices and support for the building were heard!

An extra thank you to Attorney David Toal for his work on this matter and the generous donors who have helped us continue the fight.

Thank you for standing with us!


Friends of Albright


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