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Albright Featured on The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Instagram Account

National Trust for Historic Preservation
National Trust for Historic Preservation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last weekend, the young preservationists who attended of the Rust Belt Summit here in Pittsburgh stopped by to take a look at Albright and the National Trust for Historic Preservation shared the photo on the Saving Places Instagram account.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about our efforts to preserve the Albright Church building!  The orange flags says “This Place Matters” and are part of the The National Trust for Historic Preservation effort to promote historic preservation month. Use the #ThisPlaceMatters to share photos of Albright and your other favorite historic buildings on social media.

Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists makes a stop at Albright during the Rust Belt Summit.

Help support historic designation efforts for the Albright church building by signing the petition here. (You can donate to Friends of Albright through our fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising, here.)

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Post-Gazette: “Historic review panel OKs designation for church”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thursday, March 3, 2016
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Wednesday afternoon, we attended the public hearing on the historic designation for the Albright church building with

  • 43 letters of support
  • 820 petition signatures
  • 30 people who showed up to show their support for historic preservation of this beautiful building.

It was incredible to see the broad base of community support from all across the city, country and even from Pittsburghers who are currently living in Prague.
The Historic Review Commission voted 5-0 that Albright Church be designated a Pittsburgh City Landmark!

This is not the end of the historic designation process, but an important step forward for Albright.

The next step is for the recommendation to be reviewed by the city of Pittsburgh planning commission and then it goes to City Council. Dates for those meetings are TBD.

Thank you again for your continued support of this process. Stay tuned for updates.

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Post-Gazette: “Fight for Albright”

imageAlbright was featured on the front of the local section in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette!

Post-Gazette: “Congregation fights to save old Albright church in Bloomfield from demolition” by Robert Zullo, Friday, October 30, 2015.

Here is how you can help to preserve the Albright United Methodist Church building:


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YPA Top Ten Preservation Opportunities Event Tue. 10/27


Albright United Methodist Church has been named by the Young Preservationists Association as on the top 10 preservation opportunities for 2015.

All are welcome to attend the YPA Top Ten Preservation Event at the Union Project on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 from 6-9pm.  We hope to have a great turnout of Albright supporters and this is a great chance to see the Union Project, a former baptist church that has been re-purposed as a community center.

Tickets are $15 for YPA members, $25 if you aren’t a member. You can join YPA for $15, a great way to support a local historic preservation organization.

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Tickets and event details are available on the YPA website here.

Follow YPA on Twitter @YPA_PGH

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“Old church buildings ought to be saved.” Albright Featured in the Tribune Review

Great article about church buildings in Western, PA with a photo of Albright United Methodist Church on the front of the Living section of the Sunday paper!


Old churches historically, socially important to communities, Tribune Review, Sunday, September 27, 2015.

Old church buildings ought to be saved.

In our small towns, they are often the most prominent buildings around. In our cities, they are landmarks that provide identity for many neighborhoods.

They often have historical significance as the setting for important community events and as centers for providing social services.

What’s more, churches are likely to be the finest architecture present in any town or city neighborhood. They are invested with the best design, the most elaborate art and the best examples of craftsmanship in stone, glass, wood, metalwork and furnishings.

That artistry and craftsmanship cannot be reproduced today. The handwork and the details we see in so many churches are just not affordable anymore. When a church is torn down, all of that is lost forever.

Read more: http://triblive.com/aande/architecture/9117993-74/church-churches-community#ixzz3nXLBC4jE

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Great Article about Albright in The Bulletin

Another great article about Albright in the September issue of The Bulletin, the monthly newspaper published by the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.

Download the issue here: The Bulletin – September 2015.