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“Old church buildings ought to be saved.” Albright Featured in the Tribune Review

Great article about church buildings in Western, PA with a photo of Albright United Methodist Church on the front of the Living section of the Sunday paper!


Old churches historically, socially important to communities, Tribune Review, Sunday, September 27, 2015.

Old church buildings ought to be saved.

In our small towns, they are often the most prominent buildings around. In our cities, they are landmarks that provide identity for many neighborhoods.

They often have historical significance as the setting for important community events and as centers for providing social services.

What’s more, churches are likely to be the finest architecture present in any town or city neighborhood. They are invested with the best design, the most elaborate art and the best examples of craftsmanship in stone, glass, wood, metalwork and furnishings.

That artistry and craftsmanship cannot be reproduced today. The handwork and the details we see in so many churches are just not affordable anymore. When a church is torn down, all of that is lost forever.

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